Nate Scherban

One of his past lives was that of a Shintoic spirit conjurer: Nate loves Japan and the Far East enough to become a university lecturer of the Japanese language and culture. However, it's hard for him to complete his PhD research, since writing books proves to be much more appealing. He loves his students, boxing, borsch and Facebook angry comments. As a true Poltavian, he believes that Poltava is the center of  the whole universe and that a galushka (a kind of a dumpling that's sacred to all Poltavian people) is UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage. He is well-versed in the language of flowers, so he creates beautiful ikebana pieces to present then to his charming co-author. Nate dreams of a political career so Ukraine would become a leading world country. He also believes he is going to become a world-famous writer and make millions of dollars. 'Cause, you know, one Ukraine-owned satellite sounds great, but two sound definitely better.

Iryna Scherban

Considers herself to be, first and foremost, a vagabond  who is on the restless quest to explore the fictional worlds in her curly head. Then Ira describes herself as a professionally armature scholar,  a game narrative designer, a pro at starting a fire in the comment section and a gifted plan-maker for the most effective way to procrastinaze. Our writer is also a bit – just about 90% – of a very common Kyiv witch. Her goal is to create a huge project for aspiring young Ukrainians, who lost their families due to the Russian attact. She believes that Russians may have destroyed Mrіya, but it's impossible for them to destroy dreams of the young hearts.

About authors


A place for the truth about Ukraine

"Witches' Monastery" was four years in the making, but just like a mischievous kid, it decided to see the light of day with the "best" timing possible: during the greatest war in Europe since the second World War. 
The novel was born among screams of countless missile alarm, soul-crushing noise of someone's home falling to dust, mothers' heart-wretching screams and their prematurely gray hair. 

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Why is our book a digital one?

Why is our book a digital one? 

It has come to our attention lately that more and more people read books that are carried on some sort of digital device (smartphones, e-readers, tablets etc.) It's comfortable and doesn't require too much space. 
You could say that a paperback has its allure and we would agree with you. However, this is our first project that we are literally preparing from scratch and with no help from a publishing house, so of course even a modest run of prints will cost a pretty buck.

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Wor(l)ds in Ukraine is website that belongs to two Ukrainian writers, Iryna and Nate Scherban. 

There was quite a debate on what our website should be called, since "Witches' Monastery" is the first but not the only book we plan to publish.  

All our stories are connected to Ukraine,  its past, present and even the future! Every single world put in words on the computer screen carries 100% of Ukrainian DNA,  regardless of that world being a part of fantasy, social realism, mysteria, thriller or science fiction genre. 

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